Friday, September 3, 2010

Why its important to save endangered species

All animals and plants are on the world for a reason! Even if you are little tiny ant or a really old tree, or even a rock, you are important to the world and how it works. it is important to save endangered species for lotsa reasons!

One reason we should save them is cuz theyre neat to study and look at, and if we dont save them, they will all die and never be seen ever again! It happened already with the Dodo bird and the dinosaurs...I wish they were still here so I could see them for real!

Another reason we need to save them is because of what I said...all animals and plants are here for a reason. Bigger things eat smaller ones, and some plants can only live cuz of the vitamins from animal poo and stuff, even tho thats gross! D:

If we dont save animals or plants that are dying then the world will be a harder place to live for everyone! Some animals wont get to eat or have homes and thats really sad cuz everyone needs a home. We need the trees too cuz trees make the air we breathe and take the bad stuff away and turn it into air! Some people dont think its important but they are wrong...and thats why we need to save the endangered species. *nods*

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