Wednesday, September 8, 2010

~* What would happen if children ruled the world! *~

Omgosh if children ruled the world, it would be sooo cool! We would do fun stuff ALL day and would have candy for dinner every day! If we didn't want to, we would not eat our veggies and no one could tell us that we have to! If we ruled the world then school would always be fun and recess would go on a looong time! Maybe we could even learn outside and play at the same time! In a world ruled by children, it would be a rule that every one would have a mommy and daddy that loves them more than anything! We would all have sleepovers every night and watch movies, and on Christmas we wouldnt have to go to sleep early, so we could see Santa come down the chimney and he would even take us on a ride in the air! It would be so much fun and everyone would always be happy so I think children should rule the world. :)

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