Friday, September 3, 2010

Which quality best describes my life?

My life is a lotta things, but my favorite thing that my life is, is FUN! I got the best family ever and we do a lotta fun stuff together! We play games like Candyland and Scrabble, and we go bunny hunting and shopping, too! Yesterday, aunty told me to take a bath cuz I had ice cream all over me and I had fun laughing and running from the water that aunty Riri tried to spray me with, lol! 

When I dont spend time with family, I have fun by myself, too! I have over 30 bunnies and I love them all soo much! I have fun making them bump and make baby bunnies. Its so much fun to see what kinds of babies they make! :D I like to build too sometimes and go to work at Larnia Kids!

My life is a lotta things like I said but its fun most of all! <3

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