Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My top favorite things about Fall that I love! :D

My favorite things about fall are the colors! I love how all the trees turn red and orange and yellow and how the leaves smell when they fall and run with the wind!  I love all the stuff we can do in the Fall- making smores on the fire in the back yard, jumping in leaves, getting ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving is in the fall, too! I also looove the smell of when the wood is burning cuz i think it smells good. :D


  1. the smell of wood burning makes me think about my hometown in missouri, i live in florida now and it's rare you smell that good ole burnin' wood :P great entry

  2. This is the real me talking...

    You live in Florida...I am moving there in 2012, funny as that is; Currently living in Ohio. Any parts you would recommend moving to? Nice to know I'll have friends when I do move, even if we don't meet. What I'm saying is, there is no pressure either way, lol. :)