Monday, October 18, 2010

What superhero I am, what powers I have, and why I picked her.

I am hit girl, from a movie that I'm not gonna say the name of because part of it is  a bad word and I dont wanna get in trouble because we have a bad word jar at home. xD I don't really have any super powers, except the power of martial arts and determination! Ever since my mommy was killed, Daddy trains me in fighting so I can fight with him and avenge our mommy from the evil villians that killed her! Because my daddy taught me, I am very very smart-I know my stuff about weapons! I can take a bullet too, since I wear a bullet proof vest, so thats pretty super! :>

I chose hit girl because shes rly strong and smart for her age, like me! and because she wants to avenge her mommy and I would do that too if she died! Plus its rly cool to use weapons, even tho we arent supposed to xD

Friday, October 15, 2010

Am I pessimistic or optimistic, and why...

I am a mix of pessimism and optimism, it depends on the day, how I'm feeling, and what is going on in my life. I think I have big goals and even bigger dreams, and even though I let myself dream them, I know that some of them might not happen, just because of different stuff. Sometimes I let myself fall into the lonely place where I cant remember my dreams, and can only see the bad things or the things that are more real, stead of the happy dreams. Sometimes its like my dream car has a flat tire and I am too tired or too sad to change it so I sit there by the road and pout, hoping AAA will come by with a spare.

Im not as optimistic as I used to be, but I'm not as pessimistic as I could be, or as other people mite be, but I guess lest for now, thats just me.

Monday, October 11, 2010

What I want to be for Halloween and why

This year I don't know what I want to be for Halloween, and I guess the reason is prolly cuz I dont know if I'm going to go trick-or-treating. But! If I do go, then I guess I want to be... hmm, a cupcake maybe, or omg, a watermelon! A watermelon would be the best, LOL, because its my favorite fruit in the world! If I were a watermelon, I would carry a watermelon candy bucket, and have a watermelon hat! I would be all green and pink and smell fresh, lol, and would stay cool bc of the watermelon being cool, but that's only if I used a real watermelon instead of a fake one. :D

Friday, October 1, 2010

Why I chose Oceanside Elementary School...

I chose OSE...well, cuz my aunty is a teacher and I wanted to be in her class. I also chose it cuz its a realy beautiful and happy place. I used to go to HKE, but I thot it wasnt as happy as it used to be, so a new start made me happy. Most of the same people are here so its still fun that way, but somehow it feels different..and I like it better. Oh and it dosent cost as much money to go to OSE, so that's good too.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Once when I was frightened, something happened...

This one time when I was little, it was storming out and I was scared of storms. I had a bunch of clowns in my room, hanging from the ceiling and sitting around my room, like dolls and stuff. I used to think that monsters lived under my bed and would come out to grab me at night. I was already scared and even though I wanted to run for my door, I knew the monster would grab my leg and pull me under the bed. I got so scared anyway that I just had to I jumped from my bed and grabbed the door, but I was even more scared, because it was locked! I couldnt get out..and all the scary clowns and the bed monster were sure to get me. I dun remember what happened after that, I just remember how scary it was.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Things I have learned in class so far

I really love school and have learned lots of things on class so far! I learn how to spell better cuz we take spelling tests every week! I try really hard to get them all right so I can spell the very best I can and grow up to be smart! I learned about poetry too and about different stories that Miss Nevy Reads to us that are really cool! I learned that if we throw food during lunch, we make miss Nevy sad and then we don't get recess, so thats not fun but other than that school's fun! :D Oh, I also learned about the emvironment, and that the world has parts of it called biomes and that they can be really hot or really cold, and that there are all kinds of plants and animals in every biome! I learned a lot in school and I hope i will learn a lot more! :D

Friday, September 17, 2010

What if cows gave rootbeer instead of milk?

If cows gave root beer stead of milk, then cereal would be really weird! Milk always makes cereal SO yummy but I dunno if I'd like Cinnamon toast crunch with root beer or rice krispies. o.O I think if cows gave rootbeer stead of milk they would be hyper all the time from having so much caffeene and sugar in them all the time. Oh and if they didnt give milk anymore then maybe they wouldnt have white on them at all, ever. maybe they would just be all kinds of brown :o  At least if they gave rootbeer they would smell like rootbeer so that would be good cuz how poo stinks >_<! 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My top favorite things about Fall that I love! :D

My favorite things about fall are the colors! I love how all the trees turn red and orange and yellow and how the leaves smell when they fall and run with the wind!  I love all the stuff we can do in the Fall- making smores on the fire in the back yard, jumping in leaves, getting ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving is in the fall, too! I also looove the smell of when the wood is burning cuz i think it smells good. :D

Friday, September 10, 2010

What does the month of September remind me of?

September makes me think of my favorite time of year! In fall, all the trees start changing colors and the air smells like burning wood and leaves! The air is cooler and its windy a lot so I like to go outside and play more than ever! I like to go camping and rake leaves then jump in them and spill them everywhere and I like making smores! September means that Halloween is almost here and after that is Thanksgiving! After Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday- Christmas! September is a very special month!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

~* What would happen if children ruled the world! *~

Omgosh if children ruled the world, it would be sooo cool! We would do fun stuff ALL day and would have candy for dinner every day! If we didn't want to, we would not eat our veggies and no one could tell us that we have to! If we ruled the world then school would always be fun and recess would go on a looong time! Maybe we could even learn outside and play at the same time! In a world ruled by children, it would be a rule that every one would have a mommy and daddy that loves them more than anything! We would all have sleepovers every night and watch movies, and on Christmas we wouldnt have to go to sleep early, so we could see Santa come down the chimney and he would even take us on a ride in the air! It would be so much fun and everyone would always be happy so I think children should rule the world. :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Why its important to save endangered species

All animals and plants are on the world for a reason! Even if you are little tiny ant or a really old tree, or even a rock, you are important to the world and how it works. it is important to save endangered species for lotsa reasons!

One reason we should save them is cuz theyre neat to study and look at, and if we dont save them, they will all die and never be seen ever again! It happened already with the Dodo bird and the dinosaurs...I wish they were still here so I could see them for real!

Another reason we need to save them is because of what I said...all animals and plants are here for a reason. Bigger things eat smaller ones, and some plants can only live cuz of the vitamins from animal poo and stuff, even tho thats gross! D:

If we dont save animals or plants that are dying then the world will be a harder place to live for everyone! Some animals wont get to eat or have homes and thats really sad cuz everyone needs a home. We need the trees too cuz trees make the air we breathe and take the bad stuff away and turn it into air! Some people dont think its important but they are wrong...and thats why we need to save the endangered species. *nods*

Which quality best describes my life?

My life is a lotta things, but my favorite thing that my life is, is FUN! I got the best family ever and we do a lotta fun stuff together! We play games like Candyland and Scrabble, and we go bunny hunting and shopping, too! Yesterday, aunty told me to take a bath cuz I had ice cream all over me and I had fun laughing and running from the water that aunty Riri tried to spray me with, lol! 

When I dont spend time with family, I have fun by myself, too! I have over 30 bunnies and I love them all soo much! I have fun making them bump and make baby bunnies. Its so much fun to see what kinds of babies they make! :D I like to build too sometimes and go to work at Larnia Kids!

My life is a lotta things like I said but its fun most of all! <3

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

If I could be any animal, and why...

This a hard question to answer cuz theres so many nice animals in the world and I love All animals. If I had to be just ONE... hmm.. I guess I would be a fishie, so I can swim underwater for as long as I wanted without having to come up for air! I would be a blue fish, with a pretty tail and shiny scales that the sun would make look like a rainbow! If I was a fish, I would like to swim and explore all the pretty parts of the water and sleep on a real sponge or maybe in a little cave made of sea rock :D I dunno what I would eat as a fish, cept maybe water and sand... but I guess it would be tasty to me as a fish! Being a fish would be soo much fun! :D

Friday, August 27, 2010

What do you think about people that take advantage of other people?

People that take advantage of other people are really mean and not happy with who they are. when you take advantage of someone it is like when you... get them to do stuff for you by pretending you are their friend. When people do that it makes the other person feel really bad cuz they find out you really dont like them. :( I think that when people do this they are sad inside and being lazy and that its really not a good thing. it can also be when you try to get things from people that they dont want to or cant give you. People who take advantage of other people are sneaky and they lie sometimes.  Its always the best to be nice to other people and not take advantage of anyone cuz Mommy says we need to treat everyone how we want to be treated and I dont wanna be take advantage of ever.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If I could have ANY super power...

iF I could have ANY super power, I would wanna be able to turn into any animal I wanted! That way I could talk to all my favorite animals and lern what they are like and what they think about! I would turn into a buterfly cuz i think they are really pretty and I would turn into a mermaid so I could go under water and not have to breathe! Mmm...I dunno if a mermaid is a animal, so if its not then I would turn into a little blue fishie! Oh, and I would turn into a bunny so I could tell mine to make good babies!  I think my favorite animal to turn into would be a kitty cuz they can sleep all day and not get in trouble! :D It wood be good to turn into animals cuz they are very smart and can do LOTS of things that I can't!

Monday, August 23, 2010

What dose the month of August makes me think of?

August makes me think of lots of being reallly hot out side and about ice cream! I think of litning bugs an fishin' too, cuz August is in the Summer! Oh! I think of going swimmin' an about frends  cuz we do lotsa stuff togethur. :) I think of bunnies cuz I am with my bunnies a lot, but I am with them every day so I guess thas not just bout August. Hmm...ooh!!! Watermelon!! Watermelon is the BEST part of August cuz thats when it always tastes the best! Mommy or Aunty Riri get some from the fridge and its so cold and tasty and I love it soo much! August makes me think of my Aunty's wedding cuz even tho its not till next month, we been getting ready for it alll month! I even got a pretty dress to wear for it cuz I'm a flower girl! :D August makes me think of school too cuz thats when school started, it started today, and its a lotta fun cuz my aunty is my teacher too! I like August a lot! 

This is a pic of the first day of school!  :D I put it here cuz it happend in August too!