Friday, August 27, 2010

What do you think about people that take advantage of other people?

People that take advantage of other people are really mean and not happy with who they are. when you take advantage of someone it is like when you... get them to do stuff for you by pretending you are their friend. When people do that it makes the other person feel really bad cuz they find out you really dont like them. :( I think that when people do this they are sad inside and being lazy and that its really not a good thing. it can also be when you try to get things from people that they dont want to or cant give you. People who take advantage of other people are sneaky and they lie sometimes.  Its always the best to be nice to other people and not take advantage of anyone cuz Mommy says we need to treat everyone how we want to be treated and I dont wanna be take advantage of ever.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If I could have ANY super power...

iF I could have ANY super power, I would wanna be able to turn into any animal I wanted! That way I could talk to all my favorite animals and lern what they are like and what they think about! I would turn into a buterfly cuz i think they are really pretty and I would turn into a mermaid so I could go under water and not have to breathe! Mmm...I dunno if a mermaid is a animal, so if its not then I would turn into a little blue fishie! Oh, and I would turn into a bunny so I could tell mine to make good babies!  I think my favorite animal to turn into would be a kitty cuz they can sleep all day and not get in trouble! :D It wood be good to turn into animals cuz they are very smart and can do LOTS of things that I can't!

Monday, August 23, 2010

What dose the month of August makes me think of?

August makes me think of lots of being reallly hot out side and about ice cream! I think of litning bugs an fishin' too, cuz August is in the Summer! Oh! I think of going swimmin' an about frends  cuz we do lotsa stuff togethur. :) I think of bunnies cuz I am with my bunnies a lot, but I am with them every day so I guess thas not just bout August. Hmm...ooh!!! Watermelon!! Watermelon is the BEST part of August cuz thats when it always tastes the best! Mommy or Aunty Riri get some from the fridge and its so cold and tasty and I love it soo much! August makes me think of my Aunty's wedding cuz even tho its not till next month, we been getting ready for it alll month! I even got a pretty dress to wear for it cuz I'm a flower girl! :D August makes me think of school too cuz thats when school started, it started today, and its a lotta fun cuz my aunty is my teacher too! I like August a lot! 

This is a pic of the first day of school!  :D I put it here cuz it happend in August too!