Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Things I have learned in class so far

I really love school and have learned lots of things on class so far! I learn how to spell better cuz we take spelling tests every week! I try really hard to get them all right so I can spell the very best I can and grow up to be smart! I learned about poetry too and about different stories that Miss Nevy Reads to us that are really cool! I learned that if we throw food during lunch, we make miss Nevy sad and then we don't get recess, so thats not fun but other than that school's fun! :D Oh, I also learned about the emvironment, and that the world has parts of it called biomes and that they can be really hot or really cold, and that there are all kinds of plants and animals in every biome! I learned a lot in school and I hope i will learn a lot more! :D

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