Monday, October 18, 2010

What superhero I am, what powers I have, and why I picked her.

I am hit girl, from a movie that I'm not gonna say the name of because part of it is  a bad word and I dont wanna get in trouble because we have a bad word jar at home. xD I don't really have any super powers, except the power of martial arts and determination! Ever since my mommy was killed, Daddy trains me in fighting so I can fight with him and avenge our mommy from the evil villians that killed her! Because my daddy taught me, I am very very smart-I know my stuff about weapons! I can take a bullet too, since I wear a bullet proof vest, so thats pretty super! :>

I chose hit girl because shes rly strong and smart for her age, like me! and because she wants to avenge her mommy and I would do that too if she died! Plus its rly cool to use weapons, even tho we arent supposed to xD

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